Friday, December 11, 2015

Through the lanes of HISSAR!

Coming to talk of "Design, drive and connect" in the 21st Century should not take us to surprise as these are the times where the three terms fall well into synchronisation with each other and takes one to look at these prospects clearly while they go for something #MadeOFGreat and do not wish to compromise and settle down for something lesser.
For instance, as we go on to talk about the Tata motors, these three find a huge connection where the best beats the rest. The designing, the technology, the satisfaction, the comfort, the connectivity, all of them are well synchronized into each other and find a huge place into the heart of all individuals who want nothing but the best.
The best cities have always offered huge amount of anonymity, conjunction, variety, and qualities which are amazingly basked in by travelling through them, because one does not have to go into the story teller's or the fortune- teller's, only to know that one might end up gearing into the lanes that have been already discovered. I belong to this amazing city named Hisar into the mainland of Haryana. The city is amazing that contains more than what any inhabitant can know, and the best thing about this great city is that it always makes the unknown and the possible spurs to the imagination and paves new challenges which lead to the amazing discoveries of the paths undiscovered, connecting well the historical and modern times together. 
The roads have a well layered and properly managed structured. The highways and by- pass connectivity through the town is greatly managed by the city authorities. The city has huge amount of historical significance associated with it and is also known for schools and colleges. The connectivity throughout the city is thus properly maintained to allow the smooth flow of traffic into the main- town without any difficulties so that it does lead to any kind of difficulty.
The designing of the city holds the differently laid structures of buildings with new and old, both standing amidst the city. Also, there are small villages within the city. The agriculture fields are also available in the city which is one of the major fields to some of the major crops. Hisar is the major district of Haryana and is the major economic spot of the state. A lot of business takes place from this particular district.
The driving within the city is quite comfortable. It is not crowded and often the city has calm environment. The hassles are minimized and the environment is more people friendly in the city. 
There is no logic that can be superimposed on any of the city; it is primarily the people who make it, and it is to them along with the buildings, designing, connectivity, that must fit the plans of the city.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sugar-Free Dessert Challenge! - Chocolate cake!

Chocolate cake is a bomb explored by the amazing people in the most hurrying manner where the taste buds find no control and the guilt remains which is pardonable and is in-fact pardoned each time which makes happier and merrier. The inventor of the cake should rather be sainted. Life is great with chocolates in any form, be the drinks, cookies, brownies, and what so ever. I would rather take a dip in chocolate and stay into it. It is immortal. 
Well, to satisfy my chocolate cravings and desires, the best I do is prepare a cake for myself and have it for next 3-4 days and then the other cake sets into oven. I never go short of the cake at my home and it is one major thing I am known for, for almost all the times. Rather, my friends and relatives now have this thing well fit into their minds that they would surely find a piece of cake, if not anything else. What a joy to be known this way, ain't it ?
Well, when I heard of this Sugar- free dessert challenge, I thought to give it a try with Sugar-Free Natura and it turned out to another amazing treat for myself. Here I share below my recipe of Chocolate Cake. I hope you get tempted out reading till the end and wake up yourself in the kitchen to prepare this amazing mouth- watering dessert.
The ingredients for the amazing chocolate cake delight are as follows:
  • 1 cup butter, melted
  • Sugar-free natura
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2/3 cup baking cocoa
  • 1-1/4 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1-1/3 cups milk
Method of Preparation!
In a container or abowl, add the melted butter and sugar- free nature. Blend the mixture of sugar and butter well till it blends into a smooth paste. After the above step break 3 eggs into the bowl one after the other, beating the mixture after breaking each egg into the bowl. The mixture has to be stirred in one uniform direction. Now, after the addition of eggs to the above mixture, the flour is put into the bowl and other ingredients such as cocoa powder, baking soda, salt is added to the paste. The mixture is blended into one direction making it a smooth paste. Now the milk is added to the mixture and is converted into a smooth batter ready to poured into the pan for baking.

After the batter is ready, the pan is to be made ready. The pan of desired shape is taken and greased well from all corners so that the cake comes out smoothly from the pan and does not stick to the pan.
After all the above proceedings, the oven is preheated to 350 degree F. The batter is then poured into the greased pan and the pan is placed into the oven for approx 35 minutes. The cake is being checked after few minutes for the fluff in the cake and lately to see if the baking has been complete. 
The cake is then taken out of the oven and kept aside for cooling. The cake is then ready to served after icing and decorating in the choicest manner. 
Happy Cooking! Happy Baking! 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Through the lows with pride! #MadeOfGreat!

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” -- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre.

It's not an easy going job to grow up into a woman and defending herself at her roles at any stage of life.

At every other moment, a woman is taught, instilled and bombarded with the thoughts and ideas of an ideal life that she should follow and encompass. The thoughts are poured upon at every age as to what should be done at any particular stage of life.

For instance, what she should wear at ten, twelve, eighteen, twenty, and so on. Another one could be the act of how the actions should be carried out at any particular age. The deeds are being governed by societal norms. With the times, the changes are being seen, but there is not much assurance of the comfort at which women are.

It is gracious for a woman to be elegant at any age, wonderful to be fashionable and courageous to be brave at any points in the life. It requires a strong stand to bark all the set norms and baseless ideals. These are the testing times when a bold step is needed to overcome the issues and set new norms which portray a fast and forward approach for all girls and women.

One such woman that I have known who has faced life beautifully and with the best of spirits is my granny. She has faced the poverty bravely and even the riches with modesty. The humble nature that she has possessed throughout her life has been an example for the all the societies and groups she has been connected to. Because of her delivering attitude, she has been head of several social groups in the societies and mandals.

The main aim of her life has been to fight against the stagnant society. She wishes everyone to step out and achieve success and laurels in life. To fulfill this aim she has knocked several doors, talked with kids, mothers, fathers, of all age groups so that break the shell and come out of the comfort zones. She never raised her pitch to convince for any good to the society. Her persistent and consistent efforts have been fruitful.

With her learning and invoking attitude, she learnt the art of healing the physical injuries such as breaking of bones n cartilages, cervical problems and knee problems. She has been known for her doctory skills, now that age factor seems to set in that she has to forcibly give up on them. She is well versed in ayurvedic medicines without any official education. For her these services, she has been publicly available at all the times.

Also, she has a beautiful voice and delivered lessons and classes to the local populations about the importance of music, culture and heritage. She has been a staunch deliverer of the human art forms in the best form she can through encouragement. Now, that she no longer delivers vocal lessons, she has been asking kids and enthusiasts around to pursue and enroll themselves in several activities.

A cook that she is, I have learnt a lots of kitchen and cooking ethics from her. The simplest and the most complex food items that I know today are through her efforts. She has delivered sessions of cooking classes too, when one day I requested to go for it in her later 60's days.

She has been "a wonderful daughter" as I have known from my great grandfather, "a lovely wife and a beautiful person" that I got the comments from my grandfather, "a caring and humble mother" from my uncles and aunts, and "an inspiring granny" from her grand kids, and last but not the least "A lady of toil and perseverance" by me!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real life bonds and relationships!

There is something beautiful and amazing about the real life bonds and relationship that one holds. Meeting the person in real life and carrying forward the bond is a sign of healthy relationship. It is important that the virtual life is kept aside and importance is given to the real life meeting and getting together with the people that matter to us in real life.

The piousness of the bond is maintained through meeting and understanding the essence of the relationship. The meeting with the person in real life is a lot different than talking to the person on the smart phone and online platforms.

It is important to meet people in real life which makes the bond and relationship stronger and it grants more meaning to the relationship that the individuals share amongst themselves. Also, the exchange of views that takes place through the meeting in real life has more lasting impact on the minds of the people. Digital media and the devices should be kept aside when it comes to personal relations. Meeting people in person is very important as it gives more meaning and satisfaction. Also, the amount of happiness that comes with the real life get-togethers is something that cannot be matched with anything else in life.

Nature has its own way of explaining things and granting meaning to our lives. The bountiful nature offers mankind lots of wonderful ways to stay in touch with the nature, and to enjoy in its company. The morning walks and the evening strolls are a great way to meet people and keep the relationships alive. It is important to freshen and refresh the minds and also, makes one feel healthy in the mind, body and soul. In the night, sitting under the sky is another beautiful way of staying in touch with the nature and getting to know more about one self. The get together of friends in the day or night can be more fun when the nature is involved.

Connection to any individual that is established through the meetings is altogether a different one. It leads to the creation of a wonderful bond between the individuals and leads to better understanding of the individuals involved. It is important that to sit and talk which would lead to better communication instead of digital world. Also, the emotions and feelings of the  individuals could be known where digital media largely fails. No emoticons and symbols can express the reality which face to face conversation can make the individuals know each other.

Stepping out of the homes and the comfort zones is what leads to a healthy and beautiful relationship. It is thus very important that real life bonds are established by talking and understanding other person by meeting.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Crashing IPL!

Blogadda and Pepsi IPL giving us a great opportunities, at first to create ads and then to go and enjoy the award presentation to the ads being prepared. 

It has been a great delight to go around the ads across the gallery and viewing them. The art of creation and the senses that have been brought out in lots of ads is amazing. The creativity in many of them have been splendid and worth praising. They were really entertaining and some of them are so wonderful that captures the attentions and praises of the viewers. It is not an easy work to create ads and videos with so great ideas going into their preparation and making.

One of the best ad that I could come across is "Ahead Of Time". The idea and concept behind the ad is amazing that caught the imagination of the creator of the ad. The idea of reflecting and showcasing women in the ad is simply amazing. There is a lot of creation that went into visualising and creating this concept of ad.

The visualisation in the ad has been carried out in a decent manner. Also, the attraction of the woman's attention to the Pepsi can kept so high with the spectators near to it captures the heart and attention of the viewers and the way the shot is being hit at it and later on going on to capture it with the great fielding action is something where the whole lot of efforts of cricketing idea went into preparation of the ad.

The actions, hits and jump have been brought out quite greatly in the ad. The only improvement could be the quality of colours. It could have been gone on to be a bright ad. Not being a critic, the creator of the ad might be having a view to create a rough and tough and present it in this manner, reflecting the weather conditions of dust and storm prevailing in the time of the conduct of the IPL season.

The sound effects have been brought out amazingly in the ad. Also, the will power and the strength that the women possess to conquer and achieve great things in life could be seen. I do not want to sound like a person of just speaking about women, but since the idea has been brought out quite effectively and efficiently, it is worth praising and presenting my judgement on best award to this particular advertisement.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

#StartANewLife - A New Welcome To Life!

Life is a great adventure and we must know how to make the best of it. Even if we see certain failures in the discovery of the journey of our life, we must face them courageously and take the necessary bold steps for our own self and step ahead in life. An individual should never be afraid of the failures, as they lead to the path of glory and success. The path of success would be explored with the strong and the bold steps that one takes in life. Thus, it is important to stand and take the strong moves in life which would make life interesting and hopeful in the best possible ways.

It is not easy to take a new stand and vouch for something that one aspires and desires for in the journey of life. I hail from a town in the Jodhpur district in Rajasthan and have walked out of the comfort zone of my home after my 10th standard and since then the journey is on its way of exploration. I have discovered a lot of new things while coming this far on the journey of life.

Stepping out of home and the best comfort zone is indeed a difficult step but it has taught me a lot of things in life. It was initially tough to cope up with lots of activities and responsibilities but as I moved ahead, it made me a better person. I could learn a lot of new things. I learned how to handle myself and take up my responsibilities on my own.

During my high school, I was in hostel. But after my 12th standard board exams, as I got admission in Delhi University, I had to make a choice between the college hostel or the private rented room in the university area. I opted for the college hostel in the first year. It was a good experience. It taught me to be responsible. 

There were so many changes that I could see in myself because making a decision to move out and start a new life. It has been a great learning journey. I learnt how to cook food on my own. I got to learn the important lessons of management of my tasks on my own. Also, I could take up several short term courses which made me more efficient in my daily life activities. I could learn several art and craft activities. Also, I joined some social groups which worked towards the upliftment of the status of the downtrodden and slum areas in Delhi. There were lots of changes happening in and around me which transformed me into a new person. Starting this kind of a new life turned out to be a good decision in life.

The essential lessons of self- discipline and the art of living that I have learned in life are the gift of my stepping out of home and taking the lead of my life with the support of my family to start a challenging and a new life.

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High on hopes!

To step ahead in life it is important to look at life with high aspirations and hopes. We must be open enough to take the best lessons from life and inculcate the learnings which would make our life easy and worth living. Life is a great blessing for all of us and we must make the best of it which would bring us all the peace, love and happiness.

It is indeed a great art to be optimistic in the journey of life and possession of such an art is a great ability which would make even the difficult and tough situations in life seem light. Being hopeful and optimistic takes an individual closer to the fulfilment of the aspirations, desires and wishes. This aids the person in achieving the goals and ambitions in life, which is a great source of inspiration to keep moving ahead in life.

Since my childhood days, I have been interested in traditional and regional dances. My mother was quick to realize this and made me to go for dance classes at a very tender age. She made me join Bharatanatyam classes at the Dance Academy in the town which was affiliated to the government institute that gave the certification. I am very glad that my mother made me to opt for this beautiful art at early stage in life.

There were several competitions that were held amongst the students at different levels. It was a delight to be a participant and present our art which made me to gain the confidence. 

It was after 6 years of learning the dance form that I got selected to perform at the national level. But soon after the selection, I met a road accident, following which I could not take up my classes further. It made me sad as I was made to rest and could not continue my dance classes. This was all because I faced knee injury and was not allowed to attend classes for 200 days, else it might have led to some complications as doctors said.

I was anxiously waiting for the rest period to get over and start with my dance training again. Initially when I started again, it was difficult, but with regular practices and sessions I was back on the track in few months’ time. 

A national dance competition was announced at the National Dance Academy. This was one event I always looked forward to participate. My sir recommended my name. I was hopeful to give my best performance and I started working hard for it.

On the day of the competition, I was little nervous but with the motivation of my teachers and parents I gave a good performance. When the time of the announcement of the results drew nearer, I was quite nervous again. Lastly, when the winner was announced, I could not hold my tears on listening my name for the best dancer award that I received that night. 

I was filled with so much positivity in me as I accepted all the challenges that came in my way and worked hard with optimism. I infused more positivity within me and made me even more hopeful for life.

One should be optimistic and take the life forward on a hopeful note as this brings the best results. It helps in getting closer to our dreams and aspirations. 

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

#Together with family!

The feeling of being together with the best of one's life is the best thing that can ever happen to an individual in life. It brings us the best of memories and makes us happy and cheerful. We must cherish these moments to the best of we can and make them beautiful memories which would bring multiple joys in all the walks of life.

It is a great blessing to make the best of memories with the family. They are the source of all the positive aspects of life as they fill us with the wonders of joy, happiness, optimism, discipline and several other related important aspects of life. Another great thing about being together with the family is that they keep the person high on hopes in the tough times as well. They never look down upon the person and instead motivate an individual to give the best performance. This is the best thing that one can ever ask in life.

Here, I would like to share a memorable moment from my life that stays fixed in mind and remembering it brings huge smiles and happiness to me. Me and my father share their birthday. I am happy that both of our birthdays fall on the day. We celebrate this great day together and build the best of memories. Also, the whole family gets together and enjoys the day with lots of activities like games, dinner, and hangout.

It was my 25th birthday and my dad's 50th birthday. Everyone in the family was so excited to celebrate in the best possible ways. Different plans were put forward by all the members and we were given to select amongst the several options. Since the birthday was on weekend, we planned out for a short family trip to Mussoorie. I had totally different kind of excitement within me. I knew it was going to be a great day. The plans were properly executed.

We all went to see the Kampty falls in Mussoorie and then we went out to see the gardens. We played and had so much fun over there. The gardener also enjoyed with us and gave us lots of fresh fruits. The fruits were amazing and all of us were having so much fun.

Later in the evening, the dinner party arrangements were done by my cousins. It was really surprising the way they managed everything in a decent and in a responsible manner. It was so amazing to see the family going out together on a weekend and spending time together. Those were really the best and precious moments.

It is great to spend time with family. They give us the best moments of life. Some of the fonding memories are built with the lovely people we have in life and we must value and regard them. 

My 25th birthday celebrations are the lovely memories of mine. I wish to have many more such beautiful memories to be built with my family.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bed - My lovely date!

Dear Diary
I fell in love, arey, nothing unusual. At 22 its quite normal to fall in love. And dear diary, you see, I am making it noted with you.
I love you. Not you.. dear diary, sorry this time, its not you. Let me express my love for my most beloved.
How profoundly I spread my arms over you, time and again. The hug that we share removes all the emptiness. My head over you, the lying over you takes away all the worries from me, I don't know if the feeling is mutual, because you never express, why don't you, eh ?
You know, I love to sleep with you. I love to be "me", when I am with you, no faking. As the night approaches, I love to come more close to you. The blissful moments are worth all the happiness. The way you allow free flow of my emotions. Its wonderful to see both of us getting entwined. I roll over you throughout the night and you make no complains.
I speak and you listen to the words so patiently, I cry and you wipe off my tears swiftly, I sleep and you caress me gently, I lay over and you comfort me easily. Every touch of you is soothing. The warmth is pure. Your company makes me feel comfortable.
In all the forms, I love to be with you.
I know my sweetheart, you'll never leave me. Infact, one fine day my parents would ask me to leave you, I would have to someday leave you, sigh.
You know my dearie diary, Its my embracing bed. I love you my darling bed-mate! We have had awesome dates ;-). I never loved you so much before. I could never discover such ageless moments. I love you to the core! You are my prime love and will always be. Muaah!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Self Check!

One should come out of the state of helplessness through one's own efforts. 

This would also lead to learning of new concepts and new aspects of life.

It is also important to keep a check on the efforts that one makes in coming out of the problem as it would help in better calculations in life which would lead to the solution of other problems and issues, if any.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Life is an Attitude

Life is an attitude and we must live it up with dignity and high standards addressing ourselves and our life in a beautiful manner. It is upto us to regard it to the best amount that we can and take it up to where we want to in life.

Healthy Being!

Healthy individual always remains happy, be it the easy situations or the tough situations. This enables a person to think on a  positive side and this results in bringing out the positive results. 

A healthy person is the source of joy and brings happiness and laughter on other's face.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Healthy and hot!

Staying healthy and fit is the new hotness mantra. If one is fit in his/her pants, one should feel proud of this very fact. It is important that everyone realizes the importance of remaining in a good state of health and should take proper and effective measures to attain proper health.

Emotions defined!

Emotions are a sight of the things that are going on with the person. They are the reflections of the state of the mind. 

There are individuals who have a good control over their flow of emotions and are thus portrayed as being emotionally strong. 

It is mainly the reflection of the mental state of the person and thus aid in getting to know the psyche of the person.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Our brain is a huge storehouse or in scientific terms we can even call it a ware-house where lots of things and matters are stored. It has to be actually managed and maintained like the wareshouse in the factory, else it would be completely occupied with no scope of new entries into it. We need to keep cleaning and washing out the waste from the head and dump it elsewhere to keep the brain in its normal state and to remain at peace.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Essence of Discipline!

Discipline is the foremost attribute in life which should be a possession of all the individuals and should know how to be sensibly responsible and disciplined in life.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Discipline - From Within!

Discipline should come from within. Forced discipline acts as a spoiler at many of the times. The ethics and learning of the lessons of the chapters of discipline should be imparted at an early stage of life, as that is the tender age where the child learns several important lessons of life.

Emotional Balance!

The emotions, biologically, are a play-game of the hormones that reside within the body. The hormonal secretion is biological mechanism and are not under the control of the individual, but a balance over the state of the mind is essential as this would make the person wise enough with the control and the flow of emotions. 

The Social Acceptance

A human who has a good control over the state of emotions and controls him/her in a better manner, is more of an accepted being. 

It is important to keep the emotional flow in a appropriate and healthy manner. This is important because man is a social animal and should thus be socially accepted.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Morals are the magnets!

The values that one carries is the torch and highlighting of the values and codes of the family. 

Thus, care must be taken that good values nd morales are instilled in the child so that the child becomes a magnet to the positive things in life and attracts the best in life.

Character Defined!

A good morale and a good character always makes the wisest of the choice in life because this prevents the individual form taking the wrong step/s and thus one shall be cautious enough to keep the step in a careful and calculated manner.

The Moral Check!

Moral values are must for an individual to survive in a society and thus should be a part of one's character. 

One should keep a check on the morals that one possess and then step ahead to make the wisest choices in life.