Friday, December 11, 2015

Through the lanes of HISSAR!

Coming to talk of "Design, drive and connect" in the 21st Century should not take us to surprise as these are the times where the three terms fall well into synchronisation with each other and takes one to look at these prospects clearly while they go for something #MadeOFGreat and do not wish to compromise and settle down for something lesser.
For instance, as we go on to talk about the Tata motors, these three find a huge connection where the best beats the rest. The designing, the technology, the satisfaction, the comfort, the connectivity, all of them are well synchronized into each other and find a huge place into the heart of all individuals who want nothing but the best.
The best cities have always offered huge amount of anonymity, conjunction, variety, and qualities which are amazingly basked in by travelling through them, because one does not have to go into the story teller's or the fortune- teller's, only to know that one might end up gearing into the lanes that have been already discovered. I belong to this amazing city named Hisar into the mainland of Haryana. The city is amazing that contains more than what any inhabitant can know, and the best thing about this great city is that it always makes the unknown and the possible spurs to the imagination and paves new challenges which lead to the amazing discoveries of the paths undiscovered, connecting well the historical and modern times together. 
The roads have a well layered and properly managed structured. The highways and by- pass connectivity through the town is greatly managed by the city authorities. The city has huge amount of historical significance associated with it and is also known for schools and colleges. The connectivity throughout the city is thus properly maintained to allow the smooth flow of traffic into the main- town without any difficulties so that it does lead to any kind of difficulty.
The designing of the city holds the differently laid structures of buildings with new and old, both standing amidst the city. Also, there are small villages within the city. The agriculture fields are also available in the city which is one of the major fields to some of the major crops. Hisar is the major district of Haryana and is the major economic spot of the state. A lot of business takes place from this particular district.
The driving within the city is quite comfortable. It is not crowded and often the city has calm environment. The hassles are minimized and the environment is more people friendly in the city. 
There is no logic that can be superimposed on any of the city; it is primarily the people who make it, and it is to them along with the buildings, designing, connectivity, that must fit the plans of the city.

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