Friday, April 10, 2015

#StartANewLife - A New Welcome To Life!

Life is a great adventure and we must know how to make the best of it. Even if we see certain failures in the discovery of the journey of our life, we must face them courageously and take the necessary bold steps for our own self and step ahead in life. An individual should never be afraid of the failures, as they lead to the path of glory and success. The path of success would be explored with the strong and the bold steps that one takes in life. Thus, it is important to stand and take the strong moves in life which would make life interesting and hopeful in the best possible ways.

It is not easy to take a new stand and vouch for something that one aspires and desires for in the journey of life. I hail from a town in the Jodhpur district in Rajasthan and have walked out of the comfort zone of my home after my 10th standard and since then the journey is on its way of exploration. I have discovered a lot of new things while coming this far on the journey of life.

Stepping out of home and the best comfort zone is indeed a difficult step but it has taught me a lot of things in life. It was initially tough to cope up with lots of activities and responsibilities but as I moved ahead, it made me a better person. I could learn a lot of new things. I learned how to handle myself and take up my responsibilities on my own.

During my high school, I was in hostel. But after my 12th standard board exams, as I got admission in Delhi University, I had to make a choice between the college hostel or the private rented room in the university area. I opted for the college hostel in the first year. It was a good experience. It taught me to be responsible. 

There were so many changes that I could see in myself because making a decision to move out and start a new life. It has been a great learning journey. I learnt how to cook food on my own. I got to learn the important lessons of management of my tasks on my own. Also, I could take up several short term courses which made me more efficient in my daily life activities. I could learn several art and craft activities. Also, I joined some social groups which worked towards the upliftment of the status of the downtrodden and slum areas in Delhi. There were lots of changes happening in and around me which transformed me into a new person. Starting this kind of a new life turned out to be a good decision in life.

The essential lessons of self- discipline and the art of living that I have learned in life are the gift of my stepping out of home and taking the lead of my life with the support of my family to start a challenging and a new life.

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