Monday, April 27, 2015

Crashing IPL!

Blogadda and Pepsi IPL giving us a great opportunities, at first to create ads and then to go and enjoy the award presentation to the ads being prepared. 

It has been a great delight to go around the ads across the gallery and viewing them. The art of creation and the senses that have been brought out in lots of ads is amazing. The creativity in many of them have been splendid and worth praising. They were really entertaining and some of them are so wonderful that captures the attentions and praises of the viewers. It is not an easy work to create ads and videos with so great ideas going into their preparation and making.

One of the best ad that I could come across is "Ahead Of Time". The idea and concept behind the ad is amazing that caught the imagination of the creator of the ad. The idea of reflecting and showcasing women in the ad is simply amazing. There is a lot of creation that went into visualising and creating this concept of ad.

The visualisation in the ad has been carried out in a decent manner. Also, the attraction of the woman's attention to the Pepsi can kept so high with the spectators near to it captures the heart and attention of the viewers and the way the shot is being hit at it and later on going on to capture it with the great fielding action is something where the whole lot of efforts of cricketing idea went into preparation of the ad.

The actions, hits and jump have been brought out quite greatly in the ad. The only improvement could be the quality of colours. It could have been gone on to be a bright ad. Not being a critic, the creator of the ad might be having a view to create a rough and tough and present it in this manner, reflecting the weather conditions of dust and storm prevailing in the time of the conduct of the IPL season.

The sound effects have been brought out amazingly in the ad. Also, the will power and the strength that the women possess to conquer and achieve great things in life could be seen. I do not want to sound like a person of just speaking about women, but since the idea has been brought out quite effectively and efficiently, it is worth praising and presenting my judgement on best award to this particular advertisement.

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