Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bed - My lovely date!

Dear Diary
I fell in love, arey, nothing unusual. At 22 its quite normal to fall in love. And dear diary, you see, I am making it noted with you.
I love you. Not you.. dear diary, sorry this time, its not you. Let me express my love for my most beloved.
How profoundly I spread my arms over you, time and again. The hug that we share removes all the emptiness. My head over you, the lying over you takes away all the worries from me, I don't know if the feeling is mutual, because you never express, why don't you, eh ?
You know, I love to sleep with you. I love to be "me", when I am with you, no faking. As the night approaches, I love to come more close to you. The blissful moments are worth all the happiness. The way you allow free flow of my emotions. Its wonderful to see both of us getting entwined. I roll over you throughout the night and you make no complains.
I speak and you listen to the words so patiently, I cry and you wipe off my tears swiftly, I sleep and you caress me gently, I lay over and you comfort me easily. Every touch of you is soothing. The warmth is pure. Your company makes me feel comfortable.
In all the forms, I love to be with you.
I know my sweetheart, you'll never leave me. Infact, one fine day my parents would ask me to leave you, I would have to someday leave you, sigh.
You know my dearie diary, Its my embracing bed. I love you my darling bed-mate! We have had awesome dates ;-). I never loved you so much before. I could never discover such ageless moments. I love you to the core! You are my prime love and will always be. Muaah!!

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