Sunday, January 24, 2016


We as human beings are being influenced and have a huge impact on lives of one another. No one really has an idea how much impact and influence one can hold on to other and in lieu of the same, everyone should continue to make efforts to one's best potential and caliber and that would take one to step ahead in life and also that can serve as influencing others in life. Human mind is very impactful and it keeps making its own efforts in that direction.
The impact could be on society, on individual, or the nation, the family or may be anything. Anything and everything in nature has an impact of something or the other and this very fact cannot be ignored. For instance, people have role models, some have ambitions and goals set for them. Here for some people role model has had so much impact that one would want to follow the foot steps/ imprints and mould oneself into the similar direction, where as in the other case the goal/ aim/ ambition holds an impact on the individual where one desires to achieve it seeing the impact of it.
Here, as we are talking about the impact, in my life several things have had a huge impact on my life, and through this article I would like to mention few of them that come to play in my life to make me stand as where I am and paving me further motivation to step ahead and excel in life.
At first, I would like to mention my mother who makes an impact on me, my life and lifestyle almost each day and shows me the confidence to deal with life's situations in a positive and hopeful manner. Even when the life had thrown tough times, she has shown the confidence in me and made me to fight the odds and face the life in a courageous manner. This has been the impact of my mother.
Another important person who has had laid a hug impact on my life is the Principal of my primary school with whom I am still in touch who encourages me in a healthy and optimistic manner. He has been a constant source of motivation in my life and has motivated me to excel and reach great heights. Whenever I face any doubt academically, he has a solution to it. I am really grateful to him for his teachings and for being there in the tough and difficult times. 
It is important to pay attention and heed to the slightest things in life to step ahead graciously because they are the things and people who make an impact into our life, and live up the dreams and desires that we have built up for ourselves and others.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

The beautiful beginning of the day! Gold Morning!

To begin the day, every morning is actually a cheerful invitation to make my life quite simple, and or as I might say innocence, with Mother Nature herself. That is a wonderful way that I manage to turn my good mornings into the gold mornings and drives me into the state of immense pleasure right from the starting of the day. This sets the beginning of the day in a great and promising manner which has been giving meaning and status to my life lately.
I wake up and head to the basin and begin my day with COLGATE 360 CHARCOAL GOLD TOOTH BRUSH leading to the start of the #Colgate360GoldMornings. What I primarily do next is I let my head to fall back on the rest chair, and begin to gaze into the eternal blue sky filled with huge number of shades and colours. It is the morning time that spreads range of colours into the sky with the rise of the sun, marking the beginning of the morning, and often the pleasant one. Some of the sky is red, some of it is yellow, some of it is soft blue. Small cloud scattered across the sky, and also scuttled along. It is not that strange how we humans come to interpret it largely into our lives. It is something that drives one away from the thoughts of death, chaos and pain while draws our mind towards the thoughts of peace, tranquility, happiness and joy.
I love to begin my gold morning by spending my time sitting under the sky with a cup of coffee at my bay and let the beautiful thoughts cross myself as much as possible as they would be the determiners of the rest part of the day. It is important to set the beginning of the day on a high note by thinking in a positive manner as it would keep the positive spark alive and shall enable in leading the day in an optimistic manner which would make life worth living and make the day to appear beautiful and brighter.
The mantra to turn good mornings into gold mornings is to begin the day on a happier note by being true to oneself and begin the day with what one feels happy and I usually begin it with standing under the sky and wishing good morning to the sky under which I stay the whole day for blessing me with the opportunity of beginning another day.