Friday, April 10, 2015

High on hopes!

To step ahead in life it is important to look at life with high aspirations and hopes. We must be open enough to take the best lessons from life and inculcate the learnings which would make our life easy and worth living. Life is a great blessing for all of us and we must make the best of it which would bring us all the peace, love and happiness.

It is indeed a great art to be optimistic in the journey of life and possession of such an art is a great ability which would make even the difficult and tough situations in life seem light. Being hopeful and optimistic takes an individual closer to the fulfilment of the aspirations, desires and wishes. This aids the person in achieving the goals and ambitions in life, which is a great source of inspiration to keep moving ahead in life.

Since my childhood days, I have been interested in traditional and regional dances. My mother was quick to realize this and made me to go for dance classes at a very tender age. She made me join Bharatanatyam classes at the Dance Academy in the town which was affiliated to the government institute that gave the certification. I am very glad that my mother made me to opt for this beautiful art at early stage in life.

There were several competitions that were held amongst the students at different levels. It was a delight to be a participant and present our art which made me to gain the confidence. 

It was after 6 years of learning the dance form that I got selected to perform at the national level. But soon after the selection, I met a road accident, following which I could not take up my classes further. It made me sad as I was made to rest and could not continue my dance classes. This was all because I faced knee injury and was not allowed to attend classes for 200 days, else it might have led to some complications as doctors said.

I was anxiously waiting for the rest period to get over and start with my dance training again. Initially when I started again, it was difficult, but with regular practices and sessions I was back on the track in few months’ time. 

A national dance competition was announced at the National Dance Academy. This was one event I always looked forward to participate. My sir recommended my name. I was hopeful to give my best performance and I started working hard for it.

On the day of the competition, I was little nervous but with the motivation of my teachers and parents I gave a good performance. When the time of the announcement of the results drew nearer, I was quite nervous again. Lastly, when the winner was announced, I could not hold my tears on listening my name for the best dancer award that I received that night. 

I was filled with so much positivity in me as I accepted all the challenges that came in my way and worked hard with optimism. I infused more positivity within me and made me even more hopeful for life.

One should be optimistic and take the life forward on a hopeful note as this brings the best results. It helps in getting closer to our dreams and aspirations. 

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