Friday, April 20, 2018

#DefinitelyPTE - Making the right choice

If the aspiration levels of the dreams and goals is so high on point, one should not hesitate to make a plan for the next study adventure with the fears in mind for the challenges that lay ahead such as with some financial planning and logistical organising. Instead one should be sitting on the plane, boat or train in no time, backpack in hand, and ready to learn all that the world has to offer.

The first and foremost challenge that every international student has to face is the cultural shock one has to go through while one adjusts to life in a new country.

The biggest issue one encounters while being abroad is the language barrier. It can feel very isolating to be living in a country where no one speaks our language. That means many students studying abroad can find themselves feeling as though they're on their own, and this gives a feeling of homesick too at times.

Keeping up with our finances, be it earnings or savings, is another major thing to focus on. Of course, one may run into difficulties when one starts classes at new college or university. The language barrier will contribute to this, as of course the classes maybe in a second language. The layout of the classes and the way they're taught can also create issues as a student.

Preparation is the key to the lock of moving abroad for studies/work, so looking into preparing ourself for these issues and standing tall before them would wipe of the challenges whatever may come along.

The prime thing that lays before beginning the longer preparations is make the whole plan smooth for easy execution. It can begin with the right selection of the test, applying to universities considering all the parameters such as job, finances, field of interest, etc.

#DefinitelyPTE because PTE Academic is an English Language Test which is the smart choice for students and migrants needing to demonstrate their English language skills for university, professional and migration applications.

PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic) is a completely computer-based language test that offers candidates the fastest, fairest and most flexible way of proving their English language proficiency for immigration and student visas. As an education or migration agent, PTE Academic offers a new and more efficient way of helping the clients achieve their goals.

PTE Academic is scored against the Global Scale of English, a granular scale from 10-90. The PTE Academic Score Report includes the test taker’s overall score, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores.

Like any test, test takers should prepare by becoming familiar with the test format and learn how to tackle questions correctly. 

Pearson offers test takers a range of resources designed to help maximize their scores online:

Test takers can achieve their goals sooner, and save money, when they purchase online preparation packs allowing them to practice at home. These include a fully scored practice test that tells test takers when they are ready to book a full test - PTE Preparation Course

There are several test centres across several countries throughout the world which again makes it popular amongst the test takers.

Unlimited score referrals can be sent to unlimited number of institutions without additional fees via their secure online account. 

Some of the universities that accept the scores are University of Reading, University of Salford, University of Sheffield, University of South Wales, University of Southampton, University of St Andrews University of Stirling, University of Strathclyde, University of Sunderland University of Surrey, University of Sussex, etc.

Therefore, #DefinitelyPTE is the right choice at the right time in the career for moving abroad.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

An attempt to put an end to the water wars, Water Conservation!

Even in the present times, we can witness the beginning of the era of water wars. There are destructions that have begun in the nature. The damages to the animals, birds, trees, water bodies, mountains, forests, etc can be witnessed and heard quite often.

There are numerous instances where we can take several measures and steps which would aid in conservation of water and nature at large. Each small and single step would create a huge difference. Some of these could be conserving the excess amount of water which is left unfinished by members at home or guests. The water can be kept in the pots and vessels and fed to small birds visiting home in the balcony or rooftop. This would prevent great amount of wastage. A lot of such other ways are available where water can be put to efficient and effective use.

#CuttingPaani, an amazing initiative by Livpure is a wonderful experience which provides innovative ways and ideas to conserve water, some of the wondrous ways in which water can be prevented to flow down the drains mercilessly, helping us to champion the changes in the daily lives. This would not only save water but shall also have a positive impact on the future generations as well. The future generations should be welcoming their times, and enjoying their legacy, instead of pointing the blame torch towards their fore-fathers.

The current situation on water conservation is quite worrisome due to the lack of positive attitudinal differences among the people. It is important that campaigns such as #CuttingPaani are taken up in their full spirit and every individual comes forward to do their little bit, would create a remarkable difference in the world in terms of water consumption. 

It is imperative that each and every individual comes forward to be a part of the actions of saving water and making the best possible use of every drop.

a) Using effective dishwashers, washing machines, flushes, etc amongst machines that rely on the usage of water need to upgraded timely as this would create a huge difference in water conservation and consumption. 

b) Second way could be take the amount of water for drinking, as much it is required by the individual. The excess of water can be collected in a separate container and can be used later to water plants, or for cleaning purposes.

c) Another way could be collecting water into small pots and keeping it for the use of water consumption of birds and animals. This would prevent the animals and birds from dehydration and untimely deaths caused due to improper hydration.

d) Collecting excess water and using it for washing and cleaning for the vehicles. This saves alot of fresh water.

e) Filling the water left in the glass into the water bottles, saves in a lot of water flowing down the drains. Making use of water bottles is a wise choice.

We don't need to be a leak in the pipeline, we need to prevent water loss. It is rightly said that if there would be million years, there would be nothing that would grow in beauty if it was not surrounded by water.

These are some of the small initiatives and measures which would go a long way in conserving and preserving water to great extent. The campaign carried out by LIVPURE is a life-changing initiative for several lives and generations. Click here to sign the petition 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Getting away with the old gadget!

Cleaning is the best part of year and on Diwali it comes to occupy the best part of our time of the year where we can get rid of the negativities, old gadgets, and step into the new with a vigour, enchantment and happiness. It is great time for shopping and bringing in the new things in our day to day life. It is the best to begin with the happiness to follow for the next year.

It was already 4 years with my Samsung tablet and handheld device. I started to get bored of it and had planned already to get a new one on Diwali, but had no thoughts of giving away the old one I had already. It is always difficult for me to give away my things with which I have had connectivity, and it was this tablet I had been using since 4 years. It had my memories of college associated with it. The amount of fun I have had, and at all the times it had been with me, during stress, happy times, fun times, low times and infact at all the times.

But there comes a time when you have to part with the best of the memories. It was the time to let go of the old one and make the time for the entry of a new one, as it would do no good to me to keep it unused and make it even more worthless. After having a conversation with my brother as to what to do with the old one I have. He gave me several ideas and I started implying them right then and there. I clicked some photos of my device and uploaded them on several online sites with the product details. Within 2-3 days I started getting response which included all kind of funny, serious and weird questions, followed with requests of negotiating further.

Some of the questions were like  why do I want to get away with the device, does it still work, what is the battery back up, does it have all the accessories, do we have to keep it connected to charging all the time, any short comings of the device, etc. Most of these I had already mentioned in the description column of the tablet. But I was already prepared for it as had heard of the similar cases of questions earlier by my friends, and was now seeing it on my own.  I decided to wait for sometime and decide a little later on as to what to do with the old tablet.

It was until 4-5 days of experiencing of trying to sell the tablet on several online site, that I came across Cashify which provided me a better, smooth and hassle free experience of selling my device at a reasonable price. I had initially assumed that no one would be ready to buy my old device, but this thought was put down when I went through the process with Cashify. The Cashify team in no time calculated and came up with a reasonable deal for my old tablet. We agreed, finalised the deal and the Cashify guy was at door to pick the device and hand over the cash immediately. What could have been a better deal and a better way to get away with the old gadget which would have gone dead further, though I had mixed emotions about giving away my device, but it was time to let go, with a good deal for my gadget. With the cash I received I decided to go for my little Diwali shopping I could do away with it.

It was a good experience overall, best way to #CleanUpCashOut, to escape from the hassles of the other online sites, and get a better deal with Cashify. I would highly recommend Cashify whoever wants sell away their old gadgets.

For the readers: Use the coupon code CLEANCASH and get additional Rs. 250 on the sale of your gadgets.

For further details about cashify, click here:

Friday, July 29, 2016

Growing up with story telling.


When was the last time your child told you a story? It’s time to unlock their imagination.

The new Colgate Strong Teeth packs come with interesting sea creatures & some trivia inside them. There are 4 different packs. Kids can cut, play & learn. What’s more? They could do the story telling this time by weaving their imagination together.
Well, this happened when the colgate packs arrived at my doorstep and the kids in the house ran here and there having fun in the cutting the characters from the packets and then rushing to the elders and family members around to tell their stories and their views. It was amazing how it involved the little ones and the elders in the family. It has been amazing and a great fun activity at home after a long time apart from the family events, functions and ceremonies. This has been a different way of having fun in the family. I would give all the credits to the team colgate for bringing such a great fun activity which could bring family members together and unveiled the learning within the kids and unlocked their imagination boundaries to a great extent. 
The creative narration of stories based on the magical mermaids that came out from them were splendid and amazing. They built the story on the sea animals, reefs, plantations, mysteries in the sea world and a lot more that kept everyone involved and kept everyone into excitement as to what would happen next and come up from the kids. Listening and hearing the kids imagination is one of the best thing for their parents as this tells the parents about the learnings of their children, about their potential and the direction of the impact that the near-by surroundings are having on their children, because it is the surroundings that impact the thinking power of the children. It has been coming as lovely and exciting experience to see the creative abilities of the children flowing in one of the most amazing manner where parents, kids, elders, and everyone else in the family are enjoying and having fun. There is nothing more delightful for the parents to see such as this to see their children narrating the stories and weaving them into wonderful patterns making everyone around them crazy, happy and joyous. 
Story telling has been a great way of unlocking and unleashing the creativities from the children. It helps in building up the children and also comes as a amazing way to learn as learning though visualisation, talking and sharing creates long term impact on the children. Also, such memories of listening and creating stories with the children turn out to be wonderful memories for lifetime. Such stories and narrations stay into the minds of the children for lifetime and come as a great learning for them. It helps them to grow SND develop in a fruitful manner giving them the important and essential learnings for life. 
It is important to inculcate the habit and art of self- learning as this goes a long way into building a successful individual as a whole.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Redi-GO! The delight!

When we come to talk about fun, freedom and confidence, who knew they would have nothing better to talk about that about the newly launched DATSUN redi-GO by Nissan, which has wonderful exteriors and interiors to offer, with the best of comfort from the industry. The performance beats the best in the market with amazing safety features. These would attract anyone looking to purchase a new car and live the life in the best possible manner.
The fun in the car comes with the amazing feature being fuel efficient giving a wonderful average of 25.7 km/litres. This is great when we come to talk of vehicle being fuel efficient. This would be a great saving on the pockets and would definitely add up to the fun in the family and friends time. What more would an individual ask from life, if not fun ? 
Freedom comes with the amazing sitting pattern in the interiors and the amazing exteriors that the car has to offer at this price, giving it a crossover cum hatchback appearance, giving a tough competition in the market. This is in this respect a marvel piece serving the purpose of designing and being pocket- friendly.
The car is loaded with the compact features such as the turning radius of the car, the lamps, the headlights placements amongst several features an individual keeps in mind while taking a car. The car is one the best in class ground clearance from the front side as well as the back side with the rough and tough roads every here and there which would prevent any kind of damage to the car. This comes in handy as this would lead to high maintenance and keep the car in good condition. The engine of the car being 799 cc making it fuel efficient and thus good for the owners and giving them broad smiles.
In India while going around for a test drive, I would love to take it for a drive from Delhi to Chandigarh and then head to explore the city in the best manner that I would be able to. Also, I would love to go to the place with my family to give them an experience of this amazing car and listen their reviews about it. Looking by the promises that the car has made, it would be a pleasure to be in the car for being cost and fuel efficient for me, and design and comfort efficient for the family in regard to the sitting in the car.
I would like to test it for the comfort of the steering and engine efficiency, because the comfort of driving is main the thing I always look forward to and it would be a delight if it would be giving me this comfort, since each day I have to travel approximately 50 hours each side for my office work and also sometimes have to step out for the field work. Thus, my first thing would be to look at the comfort of steering and secondly looking at engine and fuel efficiency, which would be giving me relief from the urban blues that I face each day on my way to office and back.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


We as human beings are being influenced and have a huge impact on lives of one another. No one really has an idea how much impact and influence one can hold on to other and in lieu of the same, everyone should continue to make efforts to one's best potential and caliber and that would take one to step ahead in life and also that can serve as influencing others in life. Human mind is very impactful and it keeps making its own efforts in that direction.
The impact could be on society, on individual, or the nation, the family or may be anything. Anything and everything in nature has an impact of something or the other and this very fact cannot be ignored. For instance, people have role models, some have ambitions and goals set for them. Here for some people role model has had so much impact that one would want to follow the foot steps/ imprints and mould oneself into the similar direction, where as in the other case the goal/ aim/ ambition holds an impact on the individual where one desires to achieve it seeing the impact of it.
Here, as we are talking about the impact, in my life several things have had a huge impact on my life, and through this article I would like to mention few of them that come to play in my life to make me stand as where I am and paving me further motivation to step ahead and excel in life.
At first, I would like to mention my mother who makes an impact on me, my life and lifestyle almost each day and shows me the confidence to deal with life's situations in a positive and hopeful manner. Even when the life had thrown tough times, she has shown the confidence in me and made me to fight the odds and face the life in a courageous manner. This has been the impact of my mother.
Another important person who has had laid a hug impact on my life is the Principal of my primary school with whom I am still in touch who encourages me in a healthy and optimistic manner. He has been a constant source of motivation in my life and has motivated me to excel and reach great heights. Whenever I face any doubt academically, he has a solution to it. I am really grateful to him for his teachings and for being there in the tough and difficult times. 
It is important to pay attention and heed to the slightest things in life to step ahead graciously because they are the things and people who make an impact into our life, and live up the dreams and desires that we have built up for ourselves and others.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The beautiful beginning of the day! Gold Morning!

To begin the day, every morning is actually a cheerful invitation to make my life quite simple, and or as I might say innocence, with Mother Nature herself. That is a wonderful way that I manage to turn my good mornings into the gold mornings and drives me into the state of immense pleasure right from the starting of the day. This sets the beginning of the day in a great and promising manner which has been giving meaning and status to my life lately.
I wake up and head to the basin and begin my day with COLGATE 360 CHARCOAL GOLD TOOTH BRUSH leading to the start of the #Colgate360GoldMornings. What I primarily do next is I let my head to fall back on the rest chair, and begin to gaze into the eternal blue sky filled with huge number of shades and colours. It is the morning time that spreads range of colours into the sky with the rise of the sun, marking the beginning of the morning, and often the pleasant one. Some of the sky is red, some of it is yellow, some of it is soft blue. Small cloud scattered across the sky, and also scuttled along. It is not that strange how we humans come to interpret it largely into our lives. It is something that drives one away from the thoughts of death, chaos and pain while draws our mind towards the thoughts of peace, tranquility, happiness and joy.
I love to begin my gold morning by spending my time sitting under the sky with a cup of coffee at my bay and let the beautiful thoughts cross myself as much as possible as they would be the determiners of the rest part of the day. It is important to set the beginning of the day on a high note by thinking in a positive manner as it would keep the positive spark alive and shall enable in leading the day in an optimistic manner which would make life worth living and make the day to appear beautiful and brighter.
The mantra to turn good mornings into gold mornings is to begin the day on a happier note by being true to oneself and begin the day with what one feels happy and I usually begin it with standing under the sky and wishing good morning to the sky under which I stay the whole day for blessing me with the opportunity of beginning another day.