Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Getting away with the old gadget!

Cleaning is the best part of year and on Diwali it comes to occupy the best part of our time of the year where we can get rid of the negativities, old gadgets, and step into the new with a vigour, enchantment and happiness. It is great time for shopping and bringing in the new things in our day to day life. It is the best to begin with the happiness to follow for the next year.

It was already 4 years with my Samsung tablet and handheld device. I started to get bored of it and had planned already to get a new one on Diwali, but had no thoughts of giving away the old one I had already. It is always difficult for me to give away my things with which I have had connectivity, and it was this tablet I had been using since 4 years. It had my memories of college associated with it. The amount of fun I have had, and at all the times it had been with me, during stress, happy times, fun times, low times and infact at all the times.

But there comes a time when you have to part with the best of the memories. It was the time to let go of the old one and make the time for the entry of a new one, as it would do no good to me to keep it unused and make it even more worthless. After having a conversation with my brother as to what to do with the old one I have. He gave me several ideas and I started implying them right then and there. I clicked some photos of my device and uploaded them on several online sites with the product details. Within 2-3 days I started getting response which included all kind of funny, serious and weird questions, followed with requests of negotiating further.

Some of the questions were like  why do I want to get away with the device, does it still work, what is the battery back up, does it have all the accessories, do we have to keep it connected to charging all the time, any short comings of the device, etc. Most of these I had already mentioned in the description column of the tablet. But I was already prepared for it as had heard of the similar cases of questions earlier by my friends, and was now seeing it on my own.  I decided to wait for sometime and decide a little later on as to what to do with the old tablet.

It was until 4-5 days of experiencing of trying to sell the tablet on several online site, that I came across Cashify which provided me a better, smooth and hassle free experience of selling my device at a reasonable price. I had initially assumed that no one would be ready to buy my old device, but this thought was put down when I went through the process with Cashify. The Cashify team in no time calculated and came up with a reasonable deal for my old tablet. We agreed, finalised the deal and the Cashify guy was at door to pick the device and hand over the cash immediately. What could have been a better deal and a better way to get away with the old gadget which would have gone dead further, though I had mixed emotions about giving away my device, but it was time to let go, with a good deal for my gadget. With the cash I received I decided to go for my little Diwali shopping I could do away with it.

It was a good experience overall, best way to #CleanUpCashOut, to escape from the hassles of the other online sites, and get a better deal with Cashify. I would highly recommend Cashify whoever wants sell away their old gadgets.

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  1. cleancash and 250 back. what a treat. I too narrated my experience. Cashify came as a treat.

  2. Interesting one Amruta to clean and cash out. good use of the means and opportunities.

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