Thursday, March 22, 2018

An attempt to put an end to the water wars, Water Conservation!

Even in the present times, we can witness the beginning of the era of water wars. There are destructions that have begun in the nature. The damages to the animals, birds, trees, water bodies, mountains, forests, etc can be witnessed and heard quite often.

There are numerous instances where we can take several measures and steps which would aid in conservation of water and nature at large. Each small and single step would create a huge difference. Some of these could be conserving the excess amount of water which is left unfinished by members at home or guests. The water can be kept in the pots and vessels and fed to small birds visiting home in the balcony or rooftop. This would prevent great amount of wastage. A lot of such other ways are available where water can be put to efficient and effective use.

#CuttingPaani, an amazing initiative by Livpure is a wonderful experience which provides innovative ways and ideas to conserve water, some of the wondrous ways in which water can be prevented to flow down the drains mercilessly, helping us to champion the changes in the daily lives. This would not only save water but shall also have a positive impact on the future generations as well. The future generations should be welcoming their times, and enjoying their legacy, instead of pointing the blame torch towards their fore-fathers.

The current situation on water conservation is quite worrisome due to the lack of positive attitudinal differences among the people. It is important that campaigns such as #CuttingPaani are taken up in their full spirit and every individual comes forward to do their little bit, would create a remarkable difference in the world in terms of water consumption. 

It is imperative that each and every individual comes forward to be a part of the actions of saving water and making the best possible use of every drop.

a) Using effective dishwashers, washing machines, flushes, etc amongst machines that rely on the usage of water need to upgraded timely as this would create a huge difference in water conservation and consumption. 

b) Second way could be take the amount of water for drinking, as much it is required by the individual. The excess of water can be collected in a separate container and can be used later to water plants, or for cleaning purposes.

c) Another way could be collecting water into small pots and keeping it for the use of water consumption of birds and animals. This would prevent the animals and birds from dehydration and untimely deaths caused due to improper hydration.

d) Collecting excess water and using it for washing and cleaning for the vehicles. This saves alot of fresh water.

e) Filling the water left in the glass into the water bottles, saves in a lot of water flowing down the drains. Making use of water bottles is a wise choice.

We don't need to be a leak in the pipeline, we need to prevent water loss. It is rightly said that if there would be million years, there would be nothing that would grow in beauty if it was not surrounded by water.

These are some of the small initiatives and measures which would go a long way in conserving and preserving water to great extent. The campaign carried out by LIVPURE is a life-changing initiative for several lives and generations. Click here to sign the petition 

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